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paranormalromance-black-oct2016Today, I have a fun surprise that I’d like to share with you.

To celebrate the fall, I’ve teamed up with more than 50 fantastic paranormal romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner!

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They made me laugh, hell they even made me cry…Trust me on this one guys this novel is one that you don’t want to miss out on. (read more)

This is the type of read you have to have! (read more)

It’s My Book Birthday!

Dalir's SalvationDALIR’S SALVATION is finally here! I’m excited to release the last book in The Song series. I loved writing about Dalir and Ari, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them.

To be with the man of her dreams, she’ll have to face her worst nightmares…

Ari is looking to live a normal life. But after she hits her head, normal is no longer an option. A mysterious, rugged man appears, whom only she can see… each night he fulfills her fantasies and leaves her begging for more. She’s sure he’s a figment of her imagination—until she finds out the hard way that he’s all too real. Now, to truly be with him, Ari will have to embrace the parts of herself she’s been desperately keeping at bay.

Dalir’s been burned by love before, yet he can’t resist Ari’s beauty and charm. And all it takes is one kiss to spark nights of passion. But there’s danger on the horizon that only Dalir and his friends in the band Thane’s Redemption can deal with. And the longer he stays with Ari, the greater the peril to them both. Will the two of them be strong enough to fight for their newfound love—and their lives?

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I absolutely loved the book, the characters, the twists and the turns. The narrative was innovative yet original…(read more)


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Book Giveaway Dalir’s Salvation

Dalir's Salvation

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Head over to Goodreads and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a print copy of DALIR’S SALVATION!


Giveaway dates: Jul 12 – Jul 31, 2016.

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It’s also a great time to catch up on the series. Spread the word. Good luck and happy reading!

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Dalir's SalvationOn Wednesday, June 29th, I’m celebrating the upcoming release of

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NEW Release Celebration: Reid’s Deliverance




REID’S DELIVERANCE, The Song 2 has arrived!

I’m often asked what was the driving motivation for The Song series. I must confess,  I have a thing for superheroes. The heroes in this series are my Reid's Deliverance 4version of them. The combination of having a special power, fighting for the greater good, personal sacrifice and love appeals to me. I also love music which is another of the themes in the books. Hot guys in a band. I couldn’t resist. What was I listening to while writing REID’S DELIVERANCE? A bit of everything. Rock, country, pop. I’m sharing some of my favorite songs and artists in interviews on my tour.

I’m hard at work, adding the final touches to DALIR’S SALVATION, The Song 3. It releases in September 2016. If you haven’t started the series, now is the time! The books are linked together, but Reid’s Deliverance is a standalone novel. You’ll not only meet Lauren and Reid, but you’ll also get the latest scoop on Thane and Celine from THANE’S REDEMPTION.

I’m celebrating all week with giveaways and exclusive gifts for newsletter subscribers only. I’m also in an ULTIMATE HEROES Contest. My guy THANE from Thane’s Redemption, The Song  needs your vote starting 15 March. Keep voting every day for him until 8 April. Look for Thane’s fight card on the Kensington Publishing Tumblr Ultimate Hero page to vote! I’m sharing some of my favorite tunes to help keep Thane in fighting form on my Facebook author page. Stop by!


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Nina’s Got News!

NewsHello! I hope January was a great start to the new year. I’ve been busy finishing the last book in The Song series, but I can’t wait to share my upcoming release, REID’S DELIVERANCEon March 15, 2016.

What’s on the horizon? You’ll be the first to know as soon as I have the details. Recently, I read a quote that resonated with me as I think about the future —“Be Open to Whatever Comes Next”. I’m open to learning more, meeting new people, and receiving opportunities beyond my imagination! I’m looking forward to pushing past my upper limit and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable as I stretch myself beyond the same old thing. Something great happening in your future? Feel free to share your good news in the comment section.

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I’ll be in touch. In the meantime, enjoy all the good that’s coming your way!


Time to Celebrate!

Reid's Deliverance 1Can’t see the new cover? Maybe you need to shake your screen.

Just kidding! It’s coming. Reid and the band are time traveling across the dimensions with the cover for REID’S DELIVERANCE.  Guess what? We can still celebrate!

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Haven’t started the series?
Thane’s Redemption is on sale for a limited time!

Do Your Dance

Quaver-singleI love music.

If you’re like me, you may not easily recall what you had for dinner last week, but you can’t forget your favorite songs. It never fails. In the car, at the store, working out at the gym or at home, when your song comes on something happens. Don’t lie. You either sing, dance, smile or laugh. Possibly you do all of them!

It never amazes me how music can bridge the gap of understanding or communication. In a different city or country? Find the nearest friendly club, concert or social venue playing the music you like, and suddenly you’re no longer alone. Can’t find the words to express to someone how much your care about them or you’re sorry for messing up? You can find exactly what you need to convey in a song.

Yes. Sometimes music causes conflict or stirs up bad memories, but I prefer the good music can bring. I’ve witnessed a lullaby soothe a fussy baby and calm the mind of a person plagued by dementia. I’ve seen it stop an argument and renew relationships. Personally, music has calmed me under stress. I also believe music can aid in healing body and spirit.

In THANE’S REDEMPTION, music is something that keeps the hero whole. Music and the band are Thane’s salvation. The one thing that no matter what else changes in his life will always be there and never change. One of the sides we don’t get to see in this short story is him alone, playing one of the guitars in his collection and finding peace. Then he meets Celine and she changes his outlook on the world. She is the only woman he could imagine opening up to about his music, secret life and mission. He realizes one night with her or an imaginary day isn’t enough. He wants it all, but time isn’t on their side.

I hope you’ll take a minute to enjoy my short story which is the first in a series with two full-length books planned in the future. Also, don’t forget the Sexy Supernaturals Facebook Bash on Tuesday, March 3rd from 8-10 p.m. Join in the virtual fun of excerpts from guest authors, sharing about book boyfriends, and giveaways.CrespoNina_ThanesRedemption

Afterwards turn on your favorite song, smile, let go, and see where the music takes you. And as always, take a little time to enjoy all the wonderful things that happen at night.