Nina Crespo Presents: J. L. Lora’s Guilty Pleasures

Nina Crespo:  What’s your current guilty pleasure? I know you have some!

J. L. Lora:  Anything with Nutella in it and chemistry between two characters. The Nutella because … it’s Nutella. I can’t explain it any other way. The chemistry because, be it a book or a show, when two characters just have off the charts attraction to each other, I can’t stop reading or watching if their story grips me and doesn’t let me go.

Readers, can you relate? Feel free to share your favorite characters in the comment section. J.L’s new book will fit right in with your secret cravings. Check it out!

Now available from J. L. Lora!

Determined to avoid the violence that claimed her family and friends, Carissa Elliott flees her hometown with a dangerous plan. She has proof that Calum DeMateo killed her father—now she just has to catch him. To do so, she’ll have to transform herself from small-town ingénue to New York crime boss.

When her path crosses with Alec McLean, the sexy stranger with whom she once shared a steamy nightclub kiss, things take an unexpected turn. Alec heads his family’s criminal organization, the kind of made man Carissa should want nothing to do with. But he also has a plan to take down Calum, and the flames that flicker between them are irresistible.

Will their vengeful quests jeopardize their chance at lasting love?

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The night, with its clear Miami skies, the air fragrant with lady of the night, whispered excitement.

But not for her.

“I’m ready for a shot,” Carissa yelled at her friends over the music and left the dance floor. She couldn’t spend another twenty minutes getting bumped by drunks. She couldn’t spend another second around a rum-breathed guy without planting her fist in his stupid, grinning face. She couldn’t spend another instant listening to the grief gnawing at her stomach, jagging her nerves.

Her friend Mel caught up with her at the bar. “You OK? I know it’s hard being out and all with your mom gone.”

Carissa bobbed her head and ordered shots. “I’m buying.” She didn’t wait for Mel to respond. “I’m OK. I just need to breathe something fresher than Bacardi and mint.”

Mel put her hand over Carissa’s. “We can all leave if you want.”

The bartender placed the shots in front of them. Carissa wanted to shout yes, let’s get the hell out of here, already picturing her pajamas and the plush hotel bed. Instead, she said, “No. We can stay. I’ll just rest, then we can go dance again. Bottoms up.”

Mel held up a finger. “Carissa, this weekend getaway is about you. If we go back to our room, Gia may pout for a while, but she understands. She won’t be mad for long.”

“You think so? Look at her on the dance floor—hair flipping, that come-get-me smile—she’s full on flirting. And isn’t that the guy from the other club?”

Mel looked over to Gia. “Yeah, that’s him. That spot was nice, but this one’s sexier. Finally, Braeden recommended something classy and not some ass-shaking shack.”

Carissa threw back her shot of whiskey, grimacing at the liquid lava. She shifted her feet, hoping it would ease the throbbing in her toes. Hell’s flames would lick over her skin before she went back to that dance floor. People-watching sounded heavenly, safe, breathable. She held up two fingers for another round.

Mel watched her, worry lines etched on her forehead. “You know, my mom died seven years ago. I still miss her every day.” The slight tremble in Mel’s lips, blink-of-an-eye brief, implied a pain that never faded.

Her voice, soft and so un-Mel-like, yanked at the loosened threads of Carissa’s heart. She forced back images of the hospital, the smell of antiseptic, the whoosh-click of the ventilator. Carissa shook her head.

“We all knew about Mom . . . It was inevitable. Brae was pretty great during that time, though. He stood by me like a shield.”

“It kills me to admit it, but your little jerk of an ex-boyfriend makes a good friend. I’m glad he was there to protect you from the patron saint of all assholes.” The fire dimmed in Mel’s eyes. “But Calum. That fucker needs to die. What kind of shitty-asshole-from-hell makes a move on a woman at her mother’s funeral?”

The anesthetic effect of the whiskey buzzed through Carissa’s skin, numbness embracing her body. Jesus, that felt good. “Yeah, he needs to die. But who’s going to do it, Mel? Us? Are we teaming up again? Is this another adventure for the Powerpuff Girls? Do you still have your costume?”

Both women laughed hard enough to blur the sadness, picked up another shot, and downed it in one move. This one would do the trick.

“Calum won’t stop calling. That’s why Braeden insisted I get away for a few days.”

Mel leaned her elbows on the bar and rested her chin in her hands. “Tell Braeden I don’t 1,000 percent hate him anymore.”

It had to be the alcohol. Carissa turned her face to the sky and then looked around the outdoor lounge. “Hell has frozen over.”

Mel gave her a slight shove. “Let’s go dance.”

“No way. If someone steps on my foot one more time, there will be blood. Lots of it.”

“Ladies, you’ve been invited to a VIP table.”

Carissa whirled around to face a tall, dark-haired man whose muscles went past impressive to downright intimidating. Dressed in a black T-shirt one size too small and tight, dark pants, the man screamed security guard.

“Not interested.” Carissa turned back to Mel, whose eyes bulged in an are-you-out-of-your-damned-mind? look.

The security guard tapped Carissa’s shoulder. “It’s Noah’s table. He says you would be more comfortable there since you’re taking a break from dancing.”

“The guard pointed to a roped area where a man sat watching the dance floor. She couldn’t see his face. Only his thick, wavy hair. “Who’s Noah?”

The guard tilted his head toward the dance floor. “The man your friend is dancing with. That’s his brother at the table.”

About the Author

J. L. Lora was born in Dominican Republic and came to the United States just at the age of 13. Her goal in life was always to be a writer. As a child, she told stories to her family and friends and wrote fiction about historic figures. Today, her stories explore the dark side of good characters, people who are backed into corners and how they react to it. She loves strong heroines and their equally powerful love interests. She currently lives in Maryland while pursuing her dream of writing compelling, sexy, can’t-put-down stories about empowered, bad-ass heroines and take-your-breath-away heroes.

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Nina Crespo presents Holiday Reads with Lynn Cahoon and Pat G’Orge-Walker

If The Shoe Kills_ebookThe tourist town of South Cove, California, is a lovely place to spend the holidays. But this year, shop owner Jill Gardner discovers there’s no place like home for homicide. . .

As owner of Coffee, Books, and More, Jill Gardner looks forward to the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers. But when the mayor ropes her into being liaison for a new work program, ’tis the season to be wary. Local businesses are afraid the interns will be delinquents, punks, or worse. For Jill, nothing’s worse than Ted Hendricks–the jerk who runs the program. After a few run-ins, Jill’s ready to kill the guy. That, however, turns out to be unnecessary when she finds Ted in his car–dead as a doornail. Officer Greg assumes it’s a suicide. Jill thinks it’s murder. And if the holidays weren’t stressful enough, a spoiled blonde wants to sue the city for breaking her heel. Jill hCahoonas to act fast to solve this mess–before the other shoe drops.

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About the Author

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Lynn Cahoon is an Idaho expat. She grew up living the small town life much like the settings she now writes. Currently, she’s living with her husband and two fur babies in a small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi river where her imagination tends to wander. Guidebook to Murder, Book 1 of the Tourist Trap series won the 2015 Reader’s Crown Award for Mystery Fiction.

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519qv2w7SmL._UY250_Even feisty prayer warrior Sister Betty has never seen the kind of trouble brewing at Crossing Over Sanctuary church. The financially-struggling members have until Christmas day to pay off millions in debt to The Cheater Brothers’ Piece of Savings Bank. And Reverend Leotis Tom refuses to accept any of trustee Freddie Noel’s sinful mega-lottery winnings. Instead, he hopes bickering church mothers Bea Blister and Sasha Pray Onn’s money-raising schemes will provide heaven-sent rewards–while he renegotiates with God.

The only way Sister Betty can help Freddie save his beloved church is to open the reverend’s eyes to his congregation’s history of wildly unholy–but profitable–secrets. . .and stay two steps ahead of the mothers’ “Geriatric Mafia.” Between scandal and near-disaster, Sister Betty will need all her faith to prove that blessings in disguise are blessings nonetheless. . .

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About the Author

41sbO+MpuML._UX250_Pat G’Orge (pronounced Gee-or-jay) – Walker is in a league of her own. This accomplished Christian author and comedienne has an amazing mind and talent for turning her observations of church life into gems of sidesplitting humor. It is her own special gift from God that enables G’Orge-Walker to depict the often ridiculous antics of church folk without subverting the Good News or watering down the potency of its message.

Pat G’Orge-Walker has paid a high price for the ever-present smile on her face. This Mt. Vernon, New York PK (preacher’s kid) has survived a raging house fire; a violent assault; a car crash that mangled her body and a viral infection that left her temporarily blinded. Through it all, Pat quietly soaked in material from her father’s Baptist congregation and her mother’s Pentecostal assembly to create the stories that keep readers and audiences howling with laughter. Pat is a ‘kept woman’ whose life is held firmly and safely in God’s hand. Mercy and compassion season every word spoken or written by Pat, who makes her story palpitate in the hearts of people who readily relate to victory over adversity.

The First Lady of Gospel Comedy forges a successful career as author and comedian. She has paved the way for many others in both fields. Pat’s storytelling is likened to Zora Neale Hurston’s folklore’a documentation of  American culture and church life in literature.

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Nina Crespo presents Stranger at My Door by Mari Manning

Stranger at My Door_mockup2COMING SOON – Join Mari’s mailing list for release date!

In stiletto heels and painted on jeans, the notorious Dinah Pittman sashays into El Royo, Texas, to bury her father, a local ex-cop who died in prison without revealing the whereabouts of the money he stole eight years earlier.

After losing his fiancée and his nerve to a drug bust gone wrong, Rafe Morales has returned to El Royo and joined the local police force, looking for a fresh start and a nice girl to settle down with.

When the two men who testified against Dinah’s father turn up dead, Rafe and Dinah are thrown together. While wrestling with his psychic wounds, Rafe must also juggle his growing attraction to Dinah with his duty to protect her from a murderer. As Dinah pushes toward the truth about the robbery and her father’s guilt, she must also face some hard facts about herself and her life to earn Rafe’s love.

About the Author

I have always wanted to write romance novels. Well, at least since I was sixteen. Then it took another 25 years or so before I actually put pen to paper. (There were careers to start and kids to raise, houses to keep and dinner to cook.) It took six years to write the first one. I loved it, but I was alone in my delight. I decided to write another. This one took about the same amount of time. I sent it off to editors and agents. No one wanted it . . . but it was chosen as a Writing with the Stars book for RT.

What an experience that was! To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. I’d spent so many years in my little office writing, it had never occured to me that the world of romance publishing was a sophisticated bit of marketing and commerce with a core of artistic endeavor inside. Like a Tootsie Roll Pop.

By the way, I was cut in the first round of Writing with the Stars. Ah well.

Since then, I’ve joined Romance Writers of America and the Chicago North RWA chapter. The members of Chicago North have been amazing. They are truly committed to helping other writers, and twice a month we meet to discuss opportunities and triumphs, as well as disappointments. I have learned so much, and I hope some day I will be able to give back as much as I learned.

I sold my first book, Holding Out for a Hero in February 2012 It is a contemporary romance with a little suspense. My second book, Angel Without Wings was release in 2013. Also contemporary romance with a little suspense.

I’ve been very busy since then on a three-book series of romantic suspense set in the hill country of Texas. The first, Stranger at My Door, was released from Entangled Publishing on August 18. The second Stranger in My House will debut this coming December. Fingers crossed, I am hoping the third, Stranger in My Bed, will also be published by Entangled.

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Nina Crespo presents Untouchable by Cindy Skaggs

Skaggs UntouchableSofia Capri has a dark past and murky future. The ex-wife of a crime boss, her old life returns to haunt her when Eli, her four-year-old son, is kidnapped. She fears her ex may be behind the kidnapping. The fear escalates with each revelation about his associates and enemies who each have reasons to use the boy as leverage. Isolated in a no-man’s land between the real world and the world she escaped, she has no one left to trust.

Logan Stone is too law and order to get pulled into Sofia’s world, but the FBI agent soon finds himself bending the rules to rescue a boy who is a pawn in an evil game. After surviving a bombing attempt and a confrontation with Eli’s father, Logan and Sofia are implicated in the kidnapping and have only seventy-two hours to find Eli before time runs out.

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Skaggs CindyCindy Skaggs holds an MA in Creative Writing, is an MFA student, works three jobs, is a single mom, owner of a neurotic dog, and child chauffeur extraordinaire. When they told her a woman could do anything, she thought they said everything, and decided to give it a go. Untouchable is Cindy’s first romantic suspense from Entangled Publishing.

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Nina Crespo presents Cuba Undercover by Linda Bond

CUSuccessful TV reporter Rebecca Menendez *always* plays by the rules. But
when she’s kidnapped by a fierce–and fiercely *handsome*– rebel claiming to
need her help, her carefully constructed world crumbles. Nothing could
have prepared her for being taken hostage, or for what her intriguing captor offers in return…

Antonio Vega has spent every day of his adult life dreaming of avenging his
father’s murder. With his sister’s life also in jeopardy now, Antonio isn’t taking
any chances–he *needs* the sexy reporter’s help. But once he and
Rebecca sneak it into Cuba, they’re immersed in a world of corruption,
deceit, and betrayal. It’s a deadly game… with no rules – and few winners.

Despite their opposing goals, and in spite of the political chaos and life-threatening danger erupting around them, something unexpected begins to materialize. Something that might give the reporter and the revolutionary an even bigger reason to survive. Something that feels dangerously like *love*.

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Note from the Author

Cuba Undercover is based on my real life love story. I met my husband while on assignment in Cuba in 1995. Here’s a link to a photo gallery:!photos–videos/c1eh3

About the Author

bondAuthor Linda Bond has worked as a television news reporter and anchor in Fort Myers, Orlando and Tampa Florida. She writes every day, under deadline, but has always loved losing herself in a good fiction story. Her love for writing fiction actually started in high school, but a thriving, busy professional life, along with five kids kept her busy for many years.

Entangled Publishing is releasing her second romantic adventure, Cuba Undercover, July 14th 2015.

Her debut Alive at 5 received rave reviews and won numerous writing awards.

She has also won 12 Emmy awards, a Florida Bar award and Edward R. Murrow award.

This former baton-twirling beauty queen from the deep south, now lives in Tampa Florida, with her husband, adopted son from Cuba, two daughters and one stubborn Bulldog named Sanford.

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Nina Crespo presents Earth Enchanted by Brynna Curry

Brynna Curry cover

Discover the whole story! The Elemental Magic series is now available for just $.99 per book.

Writer Liv Corrigan has the worst luck with men — her telepathy tends to make them run for the hills. When she meets widower and ex-cop Jack Roarke, she decides to keep her talent hidden. Things are looking up until their third date crashes and burns as the man who murdered Jack’s wife turns out to be after him too.

Injured, Jack retreats with Liv to his house under armed guard. But with Liv’s mysteries rapidly coming unraveled, a diamond-thief killer to stop and passion in the air, the safe house is anything but safe for their hearts!

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About the Author

Brynna Curry 14Bethany Cagle, who writes as Brynna Curry, was born south of the Mason-Dixon Line in a small Alabama town. Growing up, books fueled her dreams and imagination, ultimately became her sanctuary during the hardest times in her life. After living all over the southern states, she finally landed back in north Alabama where she met her soul mate. She spent a wonderful twenty-two years with her hero, raising their three children, until God called Jackie home much too soon.

A solitary soul, she now spends her free time writing while watching the old westerns and police dramas that Jackie favored. Her furry minions, Jace, Styxx and Asheron, are always willing to keep her company while she works. She insists love is the truest magic and with it every day is an adventure.

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Ryan sat alone in his dark study, and waited. The call would come at midnight, exactly. He knew it, expected it to come. It was never late. He had the ringer switched off, of course, so it wouldn’t wake Liv. When the caller ID flashed green, he picked up the receiver, and spoke quietly into the phone.

“I’m here.”

“Do you have the lady?” the man on the line asked. His voice seemed to come through sand.

“I have her, and she’s safe.” It was what he always said, meaning he picked up the Madonna statue, and she was hidden.

“Ground her for two weeks, and then bring her to the usual place.”

“Yes, sir.” He just wanted this conversation over so he could go on with life for another day and pretend everything would be okay. If only he had something useful to hand over, maybe he could squeeze his way out of this mess. The broken silence interrupted his whining.

“Corrigan, I don’t have to remind you to come alone, or not to involve anyone else, do I? Remember the last time?” The man was laughing at him, the sickening sound of someone who knew what it was to murder and reveled in it. “Yes I can see you do. You dug her grave nice and deep with that little call, and ruined a great many lives in the process. You didn’t even manage to do anything to help yourself either, so I’d think twice before trying again.”

His skin iced cold while his stomach wrenched itself into knots. “I remember. It will not happen again.” Another pause left the dread hanging in the air.

“No, this time I’ll make sure it will matter to you.”

Temper struck in full force when his tormentor scoffed at that young life lost. “It did matter. She didn’t deserve what you did to her.”

“Take care not to raise your voice to me. I only have so much patience for fools. Your mother’s garden is nice this time of year. She plants something new every day…”

Ryan sunk into the chair at the thought of losing his mother.

“And your brother haunts those brooding cliffs that overlook the sea, sits for hours with a brush in hand and never paints a thing, just stares. Quite boring, that one, though according to my sources he maintains an interesting string of Irish lasses at his beck and call.”

He’d known his family would be targeted if he tried to escape again.

“But no, I don’t think I’ll have to go that far, will I? You’ve made things nice and tidy. Olivia is a beautiful woman. I won’t let her die easy. No, I think I will have my fill of her first. Can you see her begging for her death, Corrigan? You remember that, because her breath will be gone before I will grant her request for mercy.”

Ryan could see the picture clear in his mind, her pretty dark hair soaked with blood, eyes staring blindly. He’d not be the cause of anyone’s death, never again. No, he’d do what he was told until death caught him, or God saw fit to save his miserable soul. “I won’t try anything. There’s no need to hurt her.”

A reply didn’t come. The line had gone dead.

Nina Crespo presents Limbo by Amy Andrews

LimboFinalSix Feet Under meets Stephanie Plum in Amy Andrews’ fresh, funny, sexy urban-family noir about a country singer who almost made it, a private investigator who’s seen too much and a mother who will cross all barriers to save her child.

When ex hillbilly-punk rocker turned cadaver make-up artist Joy Valentine is visited by the ghost of a high-profile murder victim begging for Joy’s help to find her kidnapped baby girl, Joy knows from experience the cops are going to think she’s crazy. So she takes it to the one guy she knows who won’t.

The last thing disgraced ex-cop turned private investigator Dash Dent expected is a woman from his past turning up to complicate his present with a nutty, woo-woo story. The problem is he knows Joy is telling the truth and he can’t ignore the compelling plight of baby Isabella whose disappearance six months prior transfixed the nation.

Discounted and discredited by the police, Dash and Joy work together to uncover the mystery and find Isabella, with a whacky supporting cast including Eve, a brothel madam; Stan, an excommunicated priest; Katie, Dash’s ten-year-old daughter; and two horny goldfish. It’s a race against time and against all odds – but the real battle for Dash and Joy might just be keeping their hands off each other.

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About the Author

Amy is an award-winning, best-selling Aussie author who has written over fifty contemporary romances in both Amy Andrewsthe traditional and digital markets. She has written for Harlequin Mills & Boon, Entangled, Harper Collins, Momentum, Tule and Escape. To date she’s sold over a million books and been translated into thirteen different languages including manga. She loves good books, fab food, great wine and frequent travel – preferably all four together. She lives on acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane with a gorgeous mountain view but secretly wishes it was the hillsides of Tuscany.

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Nina Crespo presents Locked, Loaded, & Lying by Sarah Andre

Locked, Loaded and LyingHe might be innocent. Or he might be very, very guilty…

Olympic skier Lock Roane was on top of the world: smashing Alpine records, collecting medals, and basking in both the love of a nation and his beautiful heiress girlfriend. It all comes crashing down after Lock discovers his girlfriend had an affair—then awakens from a drunken bender covered in her blood. Given his history of violent blackouts, it’s not a big leap for him to believe he did kill her.

On the eve of his murder trial he saves the life of a car accident victim, not knowing she’s his biggest media nemesis. And when Jordan Sinclair regains consciousness, she’ll lie through her teeth to keep it that way.

Jordan is out of options and out of time. To satisfy her blackmailer, she needs the inside scoop (and its tabloid cash reward) on Lock Roane. An attraction to the arrogant athlete was not part of the plan. Neither is trying to find out what really happened that night.

Now Jordan risks everything—including her life—to help Lock. But the more they discover clues pointing to someone else with a motive, the more Lock is also unraveling all the lies Jordan’s fed him. Her betrayal leaves him with two options: take his chances at his murder trial or forgive the woman who’s mesmerized him from the moment he saved her life.

Amazon | BN

Watch the book trailer HERE.

About the Author

Sarah AndreIf daydreaming were an Olympic sport, Sarah Andre would be buried under gold medals! Seriously. She lives in serene southwest Florida with her husband and two very naughty Pomeranian boys, Bo and Taz.

When she’s not writing, Sarah is probably sneaking chocolate, exercising or reading novels. She loves connecting with readers, stop by and say hello!

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