Nina Crespo Presents: Authors’ Summer Fun

I love summer with a passion. Although I had fun shopping for winter clothes and stocking up on a few nice pairs of boots, I’m ready to get out of the cold. Dreams of blue sky, sunglasses, cute sandals, and ice-cold cocktails give me goose bumps. I’ve already started building my summer fun to-do list.

Here are some of the activities I’m planning:

*A weekend birthday barbecue with my favorite cupcakes for dessert
*Attending the RWA National Conference and connecting with friends as well as meeting new people
*Visiting the Library of Congress
*Traveling with my husband 

Admittedly, I could have done a couple of these things earlier this year, but something about experiencing them with the sun warming my face or with the welcome of a nice ocean breeze makes it even more special.

What about writing? Yes, I’ll have a full writing schedule. In fact, I’m going to make an announcement, very soon, about who’s publishing my next two contemporary series in my newsletter. Sign up for it if you’re not already a VIP subscriber and be one of the first to help me celebrate the big news.

Over the next few weeks, I’m talking to authors about their summer plans and their latest books. Find your next summer read on my blog under the feature title, Nina Crespo Presents: Authors’ Summer Fun. Feel free to share what you’ll be doing this summer in the comment section. I’m including some video inspiration below to get you in the mood. Close your eyes. Relax. Daydream about all of the fun coming your way. Until next time….



Reading, Writing and Wellness

NewsReading, Writing and Wellness will be the featured topic on my Nocturnal Nina blog the week of September 29th-October 3rd. I’ll share guest posts from fellow authors Linda Bond, Lynn Cahoon, Marcie Kremer, Selena Fulton,  Megan Morgan, and Amanda K. Byrne.

Take a mini break from your busy day, and enjoy their thoughts on how reading a good book, writing a great story or making room for balance has added happiness, laughter and valuable lessons to their lives.

Wellness is important to me, and like many, I’ve experienced health issues and disappointments. Instead of telling you the details, I’ll share the truths I’ve learned on my personal wellness journey.

** As long as the body has breath it strives to heal itself.

** Beliefs can create biology as well as my circumstances.

** It’s hard to move forward if I’m always looking back.

** Never confuse inconvenience with impossibility.

**I am. I will. I can!

Number four is a challenge. It’s easy to prioritize plotting the next story over a nice long walk or a trip to the gym. Bad habits show up on my doorstep the same day my characters decide not to cooperate. Convenience versus what’s good for my body and mind tempts me in the midst of tight deadlines.

I’m embracing the challenge because I realize I’m a work in progress. Life is an unfolding journey. Instead of dwelling on the past, I give myself a good hard nudge in the right direction. I take another shot, another step, another chance.  You can, too. I believe in you. Let’s do this!

Need more inspiration? Stop by and read the guest posts featured September 29th-October 3rd. In the mean time, enjoy life and all the good things that happen at night!

Talk Me Out of Crazy

I had a “moment”.

Writing new stories, my debut book release in less than two weeks, reserving enough brain power for my part time job, laundry, the cat, trying to decide what to do about dinner, the unexpected times ten–I couldn’t. I’d reached my limit, and it was way too early for wine, so I did the only thing that made sense. I called a friend to talk me back from the ledge.

I whined, grumbled, stamped my feet, and finally got to the heart of my complaint through a question. What was I thinking when I decided to leave a steady, normal paying gig to become a writer? Without hesitation, she said, “Because you found your passion.”

Passion? No, passion had nothing to do with what I was experiencing. Changing careers had led to anxiety, insomnia, a mean coffee addiction, an almost uncontrollable craving for Oreo cookies…and a silver lining of awesome…most days. Okay…I grudgingly admitted she was right. Nothing does it for me like creativity.

It teaches me. A talented young writer allowed me to read a short story she’d written for a school assignment. It took me on a wonderful, spine tingling ride and left me begging for more. I’m impressed with her ability to tell gripping stories in a few sentences. I’m also appreciative of what I learned from her and that she was open to sharing her gift.

It uplifts me. I was given a glimpse into the portfolio of a budding artist. Edgy, mysterious, whimsical, imaginative—those are a few of the words that come to mind. Where did the ideas come from? How were they inspired? Her proud mom just shrugged and laughed. Limitless imagination can take us on an amazing journey if we quiet our judgments, open our minds, and let it all unfold into the unexpected. We just have to be willing to leave unnecessary baggage behind.

Creativity grounds me in reality. We all have the ability to create something. It simply comes down to choice. I’m not interested in creating drama, chaos, anger, or sadness in my life. I write to give the characters in my head voices in stories that I hope offer enjoyment, inspire conversation, emotion, laughter, and maybe a naughty thought that leads to a smile. My passion brings me happiness, and that’s something I want to share.

When life drives us crazy, we can’t throw up our hands and give up. That’s the time to love ourselves more, move closer to our dreams, and let crazy fuel our imaginations.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Embrace your passion. Be happy and enjoy the night.

Hit the Road


I don’t mind working out. A pair of boxing gloves, a speed bag, and a few mitt rounds with my trainer always makes me happy. Running, not so much, but if you catch me before sunrise, when I can convince myself it’s all a weird dream, I’m there. That was the case when I stumbled out the door with the man at o-dark-thirty, but running/walking my way down the road early this morning actually helped me to work out a few frustrations.

For almost a year, I’ve been going through the process of publishing Take Me If You Dare. There have been so many twists, turns, changes, delays and more delays that I’ve been tempted to give up more than once. I now understand what my editor and my writing coach meant when they said that the hurry up and wait nature of the business wouldn’t just help me to hone my craft, but it would also teach me a few things about myself.

What have running and writing taught me so far?

Show up and do it. Put your feet on the road to run. Put your butt in the chair to write. They’re both about making a choice. Some days it’s hard to do it, but it’s also liberating and empowering to show up for the things that make you better and stronger.

Live the experience. A summary of one of my favorite quotations says it best. There are people who would love to be in your tennis shoes or the chair that you’re sitting in facing the same opportunity. Don’t become so obsessed with progress, perfection and achievement that you skip over simply being grateful for the moment, the chance or the ability to be a part of it.

As long as you’re moving forward toward the desired outcome, you’re making progress. It isn’t about how fast you’re moving or how many words you’ve put on a page. You’re human. You’ll have days or even moments where it’s full speed ahead and times when you’ll struggle to keep up. Don’t make it about failure. Focus on taking the next step and maintaining a pace that is the right fit for you today. You’ll get there as long as you don’t give up.

Well, the sun is starting to rise, and I see lots of caffeine in my immediate future. Stay connected or leave a comment on Facebook. Make it a great day, and when it’s over, enjoy the night!