Stranger at My Door_mockup2In stiletto heels and painted on jeans, the notorious Dinah Pittman sashays into El Royo, Texas, to bury her father, a local ex-cop who died in prison without revealing the whereabouts of the money he stole eight years earlier.

After losing his fiancée and his nerve to a drug bust gone wrong, Rafe Morales has returned to El Royo and joined the local police force, looking for a fresh start and a nice girl to settle down with.

When the two men who testified against Dinah’s father turn up dead, Rafe and Dinah are thrown together. While wrestling with his psychic wounds, Rafe must also juggle his growing attraction to Dinah with his duty to protect her from a murderer. As Dinah pushes toward the truth about the robbery and her father’s guilt, she must also face some hard facts about herself and her life to earn Rafe’s love.

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About the Author

_MG_7338-67I have always wanted to write romance novels. Well, at least since I was sixteen. Then it took another 25 years or so before I actually put pen to paper. (There were careers to start and kids to raise, houses to keep and dinner to cook.) It took six years to write the first one. I loved it, but I was alone in my delight. I decided to write another. This one took about the same amount of time. I sent it off to editors and agents. No one wanted it . . . but it was chosen as a Writing with the Stars book for RT.

What an experience that was! To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. I’d spent so many years in my little office writing, it had never occured to me that the world of romance publishing was a sophisticated bit of marketing and commerce with a core of artistic endeavor inside. Like a Tootsie Roll Pop.

By the way, I was cut in the first round of Writing with the Stars. Ah well.

Since then, I’ve joined Romance Writers of America and the Chicago North RWA chapter. The members of Chicago North have been amazing. They are truly committed to helping other writers, and twice a month we meet to discuss opportunities and triumphs, as well as disappointments. I have learned so much, and I hope some day I will be able to give back as much as I learned.

I sold my first book, Holding Out for a Hero in February 2012 It is a contemporary romance with a little suspense. My second book, Angel Without Wings was release in 2013. Also contemporary romance with a little suspense.

I’ve been very busy since then on a three-book series of romantic suspense set in the hill country of Texas. The first, Stranger at My Door, was released from Entangled Publishing on August 18. The second Stranger in My House will debut this coming December. Fingers crossed, I am hoping the third, Stranger in My Bed, will also be published by Entangled.

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