NLW_500 (4)Technically, I’m an introvert. As a child, I was so shy one-on-one conversations with peers terrified me to the point of mixing up my words. A loving mother—who encouraged me to stand up for myself, enrolled me in groups, and supported me when I chose to compete in pageants—as well as more extroverted friends helped me through the awkward moments. Eventually, I found my sanctuary speaking in front of groups, the larger the better. I found it easy to lose myself in the excitement of sharing topics I was passionate about with others. As an adult, I learned to harness that sense of certainty and enjoyment so I could give presentations, lead meetings, and consult one-on-one with clients.

Nervousness is still something I wrestle with, despite having anonymity as an author. Sending in a query can keep me up for hours. Submitting or receiving a draft from my editors has often required a glass or two of wine. And surviving a book release? Homeopathic anxiety remedy is my best friend, along with baking. This time around my sedative of choice was apple pie. Making the dough, cutting up apples, and assembling the pie were calming steps. Watching over the pie as it baked in the oven gave me something meaningful to tend to other than my worries. The scent of cinnamon and apples filling up every room in the house made me stop and smile. Eating and sharing it helped me remember good advice:

*Doing what you love is a gift you should gladly receive. Learn to accept that everyone  won’t love what you do (or write).

*It’s not about the one but the many. Don’t stay so focused on the one thing, one step, or one accomplishment that you forget the importance of the entire journey.

*Pacing yourself for the long haul requires deep breaths, staying on task, getting up if you fall down, and resting when you get tired.

*Worry less. Happy dance more. (My personal resolution for 2015!)

I hope this post sparks a good thought you’ll keep in mind. I also hope you’ll join me in my latest celebration, and if you’re in the mood, feel free to enjoy a slice of apple pie this week. More importantly, stay worry free, expect the best, and enjoy the night!

Birthday Dare series by Nina Crespo

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