BTSawardfinalist_2014_webFinding out TAKE ME IF YOU DARE made it as a finalist in the BTS Book Reviews Red Carpet Book Rewards is an unexpected, pleasant surprise. They’re announcing the results next year. Patience isn’t one of my primary virtues, but it’s something I’m learning as an author.

The process of writing to the publication of a story takes time. If the muse isn’t cooperating, I have to find ways to coax her out again. When my characters stop talking, I have to accept the silence until they decide to show up. Ideas speed through my mind faster than my fingers can type. My manuscript isn’t the only one in my editor’s inbox so I have to wait my turn. The day before the release of TAKE ME IF YOU DARE felt like a week. No amount of clock watching could make midnight come any faster, but the second my book finally arrived on the scene is a moment I’ll never forget.

I won’t say that I’ve grown calmer about waiting, but I’d like to think I’ve become wiser. Waiting for something good isn’t dead space. It’s a pause to take a breath. To whoop it up with laughter, do a happy dance, and pop the cork in preparation for the big toast. It’s the perfect time to say “thank you” to the people who believed in the dream and supported you. To let them know that no matter what the result, you love and appreciate them for sharing knowledge, watching your back, setting aside “rant time” for you in their schedule, and providing a soft place to land when the winds of progress threw a curve.

In a world filled with constant noise, it’s easy to forget pauses and silences are important, too. Waiting gives you a chance to look and see what’s ahead, and plant your feet firmly on the road to your dreams.

I’ll post the outcome of the awards, as well as a few other exciting announcements on Nocturnal Nina and my newsletter. I can’t tell you all of the details, but here’s a hint. Things are about to get Naughty. Prepare for it with a Dare.

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