I had a “moment”.

Writing new stories, my debut book release in less than two weeks, reserving enough brain power for my part time job, laundry, the cat, trying to decide what to do about dinner, the unexpected times ten–I couldn’t. I’d reached my limit, and it was way too early for wine, so I did the only thing that made sense. I called a friend to talk me back from the ledge.

I whined, grumbled, stamped my feet, and finally got to the heart of my complaint through a question. What was I thinking when I decided to leave a steady, normal paying gig to become a writer? Without hesitation, she said, “Because you found your passion.”

Passion? No, passion had nothing to do with what I was experiencing. Changing careers had led to anxiety, insomnia, a mean coffee addiction, an almost uncontrollable craving for Oreo cookies…and a silver lining of awesome…most days. Okay…I grudgingly admitted she was right. Nothing does it for me like creativity.

It teaches me. A talented young writer allowed me to read a short story she’d written for a school assignment. It took me on a wonderful, spine tingling ride and left me begging for more. I’m impressed with her ability to tell gripping stories in a few sentences. I’m also appreciative of what I learned from her and that she was open to sharing her gift.

It uplifts me. I was given a glimpse into the portfolio of a budding artist. Edgy, mysterious, whimsical, imaginative—those are a few of the words that come to mind. Where did the ideas come from? How were they inspired? Her proud mom just shrugged and laughed. Limitless imagination can take us on an amazing journey if we quiet our judgments, open our minds, and let it all unfold into the unexpected. We just have to be willing to leave unnecessary baggage behind.

Creativity grounds me in reality. We all have the ability to create something. It simply comes down to choice. I’m not interested in creating drama, chaos, anger, or sadness in my life. I write to give the characters in my head voices in stories that I hope offer enjoyment, inspire conversation, emotion, laughter, and maybe a naughty thought that leads to a smile. My passion brings me happiness, and that’s something I want to share.

When life drives us crazy, we can’t throw up our hands and give up. That’s the time to love ourselves more, move closer to our dreams, and let crazy fuel our imaginations.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Embrace your passion. Be happy and enjoy the night.

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