I don’t mind working out. A pair of boxing gloves, a speed bag, and a few mitt rounds with my trainer always makes me happy. Running, not so much, but if you catch me before sunrise, when I can convince myself it’s all a weird dream, I’m there. That was the case when I stumbled out the door with the man at o-dark-thirty, but running/walking my way down the road early this morning actually helped me to work out a few frustrations.

For almost a year, I’ve been going through the process of publishing Take Me If You Dare. There have been so many twists, turns, changes, delays and more delays that I’ve been tempted to give up more than once. I now understand what my editor and my writing coach meant when they said that the hurry up and wait nature of the business wouldn’t just help me to hone my craft, but it would also teach me a few things about myself.

What have running and writing taught me so far?

Show up and do it. Put your feet on the road to run. Put your butt in the chair to write. They’re both about making a choice. Some days it’s hard to do it, but it’s also liberating and empowering to show up for the things that make you better and stronger.

Live the experience. A summary of one of my favorite quotations says it best. There are people who would love to be in your tennis shoes or the chair that you’re sitting in facing the same opportunity. Don’t become so obsessed with progress, perfection and achievement that you skip over simply being grateful for the moment, the chance or the ability to be a part of it.

As long as you’re moving forward toward the desired outcome, you’re making progress. It isn’t about how fast you’re moving or how many words you’ve put on a page. You’re human. You’ll have days or even moments where it’s full speed ahead and times when you’ll struggle to keep up. Don’t make it about failure. Focus on taking the next step and maintaining a pace that is the right fit for you today. You’ll get there as long as you don’t give up.

Well, the sun is starting to rise, and I see lots of caffeine in my immediate future. Stay connected or leave a comment on Facebook. Make it a great day, and when it’s over, enjoy the night!

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