comedy club

I love to laugh so when friends suggested date night at the comedy club, I was definitely on board. I don’t know about you, but I’m particular about what I find funny. I don’t get into making fun of people’s misfortune, but I appreciate anyone who looks for humor instead of complaints in the middle of a frustrating situation.

I must confess that Comedy Central along with a few series of Archer have made my day on more than one occasion. Do I like that type of humor all of the time? Of course not, I can get a good laugh from Disney cartoons, the cat chasing his tail to me putting a can of Lysol in the refrigerator because I was so distracted over an editing deadline.

One of the best things about laughter is that it’s good for you. It provides stress relief, medicine for the body, and needed coping skills to keep you from going ballistic when no matter how many times you switch lanes, the other one is moving faster, including the one you just left. Laughter is also great to share with friends or the person who knows you so well, that no matter what, they always get the inside joke.

The next time you have a choice between being angry, screaming at the top of your lungs or crying big tears, if you can– choose to laugh. Everyone around you might think you’re a hot mess of crazy fighting your way out of a really tiny bag, but who cares? You’re doing it for your health. Until next time, keep laughing and enjoy the night!

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